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Families of EJK victims are the leads of this new podcast

Families of EJK victims are the leads of this new podcast

In June, a report by the Human Rights Council of the United Nations stated that President Duterte’s war on drugs may have already killed “tens of thousands of people.” But whatever the actual death toll is, one life is already too many. Because behind these figures are real, tragic stories.

“Bakit ginawa nila sa anak ko ‘yun? Ang bait-bait ng anak ko. Wala na akong magagawa. Wala na siya,” narrates Nanay Emily in the sneak peek of PumaPodcast’s new series “Tokhang sa Tokhang.” His son was just heading to a computer shop, like any other kid.

“Kinausap muna nila ‘yung anak ko bago nila ipinukpok ng baril tsaka nila binaril. Siguro po dahil ‘nung time na ‘yun dahil nakita niya ‘yung pangyayari, sinama na lang din po siya. Para hindi po siya nakapagsumbong na,” she continues.

Set to drop tomorrow, July 3, “Tokhang sa Tokhang” features stories of grief from families of EJK victims—painful, frustrating and helpless recollections they have to endure for the rest of their life.

This podcast also reached out to researchers, community workers, artists, church leaders and government officials to ask their feelings and thoughts throughout the four-year drug war. Hip-hop artists BLKD and Calix will also be sharing their stories.

Expect an “unhurried and reflective approach,” as the creators want something different from the usual media coverage. “Tokhang sa Tokhang” will be up on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor and Stitcher.