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Scout’s declassified WFH survival guide

Scout’s declassified WFH survival guide


Let’s be honest: The WFH life isn’t for everyone.

While it’s a privilege to have the choice of staying indoors during a real-life dystopian series, admitting you’re in an Odd Place™ is as valid as your quaranfeels.

If the transition isn’t as seamless as you wanted it to be, allow us to present our declassified WFH survival guide, a compilation of tips and tricks we’ve tried ourselves. But, just like Ned says in the intro of “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide”: Results may vary. Everyone hustles differently anyway so just take what you can from this little guide.

Follow a schedule (as if you’re actually heading to work)

Is it time to unleash those hidden role-playing skills? Absolutely. If the procrastination monster has been sitting beside you rent-free, then it’s time to deceive it with your acting chops. (Don’t worry, rookies are very much welcome.)

Did you religiously set your alarm at 6 a.m. pre-pandemic? Then keep it that way even if your one-hour commute is now out of the equation. If you allotted 30 minutes for coffee and guilt-free Twitter scrolling, stick to it. Keeping a strict daily schedule will not only help you be more productive, it may also open extra time for other non-work activities. Those 30 minutes devoted to waiting in line for a ride could be your morning exercise slot now—and you’ll be hella thankful you woke up early.

Set specific and attainable goals if you have the liberty, and don’t forget to set a time for clocking in and out. Separating work and life is extra tough in this setting. (I mean, who else sees their bed waving at them while chasing a deadline?) But employees and employers should agree on boundaries because disconnection is as important as productivity. The “W” in WFH shouldn’t mean whack.

Pick a good ’fit (even if there’s no Zoom meeting)

Consider this a sequel of the first tip. Two months ago, we asked a bunch of Scout Family and Friends about their ECQ coping mechanism. And we all heard them figuratively say “dressing up.”

“Yes, I dress up even when I am at home to condition myself that I have to work,” a stylist told Scout. “If I wear my lounge clothes, it would make me feel lazy so I try my best to still dress up at home as if I am going out.”

Psychologists noted that picking good ’fits can help in terms of improving our mood as we feel more in control, restoring a sense of normality. Experts also said if we stay stuck in our pajamas throughout the day, expect to feel literally stuck and uninspired.

Do what you want to cope—even if it means wearing your favorite elephant pants while crafting a deck. Just make sure the heat doesn’t distract you.

To like your work, like your workspace first

The environment plays a great deal in keeping your ideas flowing, avoiding a bottleneck of your own thoughts. Experts have recommended you choose a workspace away from household activity—a secluded spot with a door you can close.

There are plenty of guides on WFH materials. These include stocking up on stuff that could aid you physically and mentally—like standing desks and proper lighting. Of course, decorating your WFH space the way you dress up could motivate you, too. If you don’t know where to start, here’s a list of Instagram shops that guarantee your Pinterest board dreams. Take note: You’re not caged in office cubicle rules now.

Deadlines aren’t the only thing you shouldn’t forget (spoiler: it’s also food)

While you have virtually no option to lunch out, cooking a full-course meal may not be ideal for busy WFH kids. So, how could you score the lunch you deserve?

If you‘re done with refrigerator goldmines and quick bites from your neighbor’s sari-sari store, Goldilocks has a new lineup of easy-to-prepare, budget-friendly dishes.

Called PinoyDeli Food Selections, the just-heat then ready-to-eat meal kits offer a drool-worthy menu of rice meals: Beef Caldereta, Kare-kare, Boneless Chicken Barbecue and Laing, Korean Beef Bulgogi, Dinuguan, and Chicken Teriyaki.

Grab these sulit meals now for just P99! Aside from heading to select Goldilocks stores, you can order via hotline 8888-1-999 or online at Please note that the delivery price may vary. Then, all you have to do is pop them in the microwave. A kitchen neophyte actually getting some good lunch on their own? What a vision.

Well, that’s it for Scout’s declassified WFH survival guide. Consider us your virtual workmate who just wants to check up on you. After all, that’s the important deliverable during this pandemic.

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