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TikTok is now Rihanna-approved, so it’s officially cool

TikTok is now Rihanna-approved, so it’s officially cool

In a Fenty Beauty event this week, Rihanna unveiled that she’s not only hopping on the TikTok trend, she bought a house dedicated to it too. 

The pop star and now-business mogul unveiled her new TikTok house, where five ambassadors will be living unbothered and rent-free. These housemates will stay in the property to make TikTok videos promoting Fenty Beauty products for a living. First of all, is it even legal to have a life that perfect? Second, are slots still open for application?

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Rihanna wants to use the space to uplift new and upcoming content creators. “I think our generation is the sickest, the illest, the most creative. I can’t do it alone, so to join in with the people who are influencing the world and my community and my generation, this is a hub,” she says at the event, which was held at the TikTok house.

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The lucky TikTok stars handpicked by RiRi are Dawn, Emmy Combs, Kamaboko Gonpachiro, Makayla and Savannah Palacio.

If you’ve been on the skeptical side of TikTok, it’s time to throw those worries away. If Rihanna’s doing it, it’ll probably be part of our daily lives now.

Still from “Work (feat. Drake)” MV by Rihanna


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