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We’re calling 2020 a gap year since there’s no undo button


Living in 2020 is knowing that we’re living our future child’s history assignment. Often, we wonder: What it’s like to be part of a historical event? These past few months have answered that for us. 

Now, we all know how complicated and draining it is to be someone’s future social studies paper.

Coronavirus has affected everything around us. From everyone’s health to the socio-political climate and social media feeds, the pandemic has impacted us in more ways than one. Whatever optimistic hashtag we had for 2020 has been replaced by Miss ’Rona and Miss ’Rona only. 

On top of that, political unrest everywhere is more rampant with the #BlackLivesMatter movement in America and #JunkTerrorLaw over here in local shores—and that’s not the only issue we are grappling with during the lockdown. We’re fighting for our freedom of speech and the rights of the marginalized alongside a global pandemic every day.

2020 is a hard pill to swallow. Although the year is only half-over, it feels like a century has passed. There are so many events that unfolded within seven months, it’s hard to think and digest them all. 

As we go on in our gap year (or plague year, if you prefer), we look back at everything that’s happened so far: Lockdown privilege stories, government oopsies and other face-palm worthy brouhahas. Here’s the half of 2020 in retrospect from your SCOUT homies. 

On COVID-19 

On lockdown stories

On online classes

On the Anti-Terror Law

On press freedom

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