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Fur parents can help stray animals by playing this game

I love animals. My own dog is a gem and a huge part of my emotional support system. I love seeing pictures of other people’s pets and getting a glimpse of their softer sides. Please pat your furry friends for me and tell them they’re doing great.

While some of us have our pets to keep us company while in quarantine, there are still many stray animals roaming the streets, scavenging for any meal.

There are many animal welfare groups working around the clock to rescue strays, and you can help them out even while on lockdown: by playing Pet Escape.

Developed by Boozer Game Studios, Pet Escape is an endless runner game for a cause. It’s like those time-killer games you used to have on your phone (Temple Run? Subway Surfers? C’mon, don’t lie) or that T-Rex game you mess around with when your internet is down, only you’re playing for a cause as well.

The premise is simple: All you have to do is guide either Chuchai (a white cat with heterochromia) or Boozer (a Golden Retriever) down an endless path of treats, fire hydrants and falling objects. You can collect treats to unlock Chuchai and Boozer’s other furry friends, too.

Every time you play on premium (P149 per month), make in-app purchases or watch ads for free treats, you’re contributing to their cause. 

The game’s developers, who are fur parents themselves, have partnered with Animal Rescue PH, a couple of volunteers dedicated to feeding and caring for abandoned animals. As of writing, the devs have already donated pet food and anti-tick chewables since June.

Even if you don’t have time to play the game, they’ve added a feature where you can donate directly to their partner beneficiary. 

“Pet Escape is a game that is designed for you to be able to reach out to animals and provide them the food and shelter that they need,” reads the game’s description on their website. “This project is for people who want to share their fortunes with unfortunate animals.” 

The game is only available for download on Android (for now) and is currently in its development phase with 23 percent complete, so consider playing the game, giving the team some feedback and contributing to a cause. 


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