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EXO Teases Comeback and Gets Reimagined

EXO Teases Comeback and Gets Reimagined

By Katrina Tiu
Photos courtesy of SM Entertainment
Fanmade covers courtesy of Lala Del Rosario


Teasers for Lucky One


Teasers for Monster

Gone are the days of jersey jackets, matching suits, and baby-faced rookies. EXO-L, hold onto your seats, because your boys are finally making their transition into men and seasoned idols in the Korean music industry.

Globally renowned K-pop group EXO teases fans and takes on two new concepts for their upcoming album (out June 9, 2016) “EXACT,” specifically for two particular tracks off the record, respectively titled Lucky One and Monster. It doesn’t take a genius to guess which look is designed for each song.

The members take on two vastly contrasting styles, far from their typical teenage dream boy look. Moving forward to a more grown-up style with a lighter, softer, but at the same time edgier concept for Lucky One, EXO makes a 180-degree turn for a dark and charismatic aesthetic for Monster.

If you happen to be a fan, we’re sure you’ve seen the entire set of teasers on social media—we have and we immediately noticed something very striking about the style. Apparently, artist, EXO fan, and Scout reader Lala Del Rosario had the same views and was totally cool enough to create fanmade EXOxScout covers! We could all dream, right? Check out the covers for each member below and let us know your favorite. Thanks, Lala!

13327426_10205308977519035_3407038578881902813_n 13325618_10205312629410330_3099491017967246564_n 13321737_10205309563573686_6634463615308856110_n 13320568_10205313682156648_8148166260555886646_o 13320566_10205313682196649_106199542334956315_o 13317065_10205313680276601_8349704305177466671_o 13312813_10205312972698912_8157302957952050335_n 13312607_10205311862431156_1387859435670194804_n 13310428_10205308927397782_822738088616082142_n

EXO releases their teaser video for Lucky One tonight at 9PM KST (8PM here in the Philippines).


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