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Hold my shelf, Booksale is finally online

Hold my shelf, Booksale is finally online

My adventures inside Booksale remain unmatched. Yes, even if you put my trips to our fridge on the same table.

I don’t know anyone who feels indifferent and unbothered once they step inside the shining, shimmering, splendid store. It’s always pure bliss, even if you leave broke after. Rare books, magazines and even cheap school supplies? Consider it done. It’s for my sanity, I whisper deep inside—piercing through the valves of my heart. 

That’s why Booksale suddenly changing their Facebook assets tonight is literally breaking news. One, they changed their profile photo (last update: 2016). Second, they replaced their cover photo (last update: 2017). Tell me, what am I supposed to do with this information?

Since then, the internet—aka the book readers and hoarders alike—have gone wild. Speculations about a possible online store have flooded the bookworm aisle and, for sure, we’ll keep our tabs open until an official announcement. I don’t blame the hype. Now that the world has gone full-on dystopia, we could all use some pure, familiar serotonin. 

Aside from being a one-stop serotonin shop, Booksale also does a good job at forming communities. There’s a Facebook group where Cebu branches post book bundles for sale. Talk about keeping reading alive. 

UPDATE: Hold my bookshelf, Booksale just made our wishes come true. In a post, the bookstore has revealed Booksale Plus, coupled with the tagline, “We make reading affordable, now accessible online.”

From bestsellers to inspirational novels, readers can now take dibs on new additions online and have store pickups and deliveries arranged, GMA News Online reports. All you have to do is contact the section head indicated on the poster. Now that Booksale is back, our attention span might be back too.

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