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This site exposes your taste in music (based on Spotify, that is)

This site exposes your taste in music (based on Spotify, that is)

Spotify isn’t only home to our hyperspecific playlists (shoutout to our UV Express spins, it’ll never be the same)—it also plays out like an indirect mood tracker. If you want to do a vibe check on yourself, maybe this site can serve you well.

There’s a certain Spotify statistics page made by a certain Portuguese named Eduardo, who’s currently taking his second year of masters in informatics and computing engineering, according to the creator’s site. What can we say? This project has been birthing graphs on the internet, calling us out on our top music genres based on our Spotify activity. Did we want this? Maybe.

If you’re down to be exposed, head to the site, enter your Spotify account and accept your fate. Well, fate that you brought upon yourself anyway. Are you a pop queen? Do you spend your work hours spitting bars inside your head? Would you drop everything for boy bands? Are you still an emo kid inside? These are important questions. 

Three months ago, Spotify said we’ve been listening to emo tracks and Y2K hits this quarantine. Now, let me study the veracity of both (through a badly drawn Venn diagram) and get back to you all.

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