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8 fonts that make us feel a certain way

An unknown philosopher once said, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Another philosopher said, “one font is worth a thousand war flashbacks.” That second philosopher is me.

Sure, words themselves evoke feelings but revamping their appearance can instantly change a whole ass mood. Shifting from a Comic Sans “STOP!” to a Chiller “STOP!” is a 180-degree moment. If not, maybe you’re just a little numb (or desensitized to Times New Roman’s predominance.) 

Picking fonts is one of our golden Choices, but sometimes the world does it for us. Here’s a one-page history book of the moments when our reality shaped fonts, and fonts shaped our reality.

Comic Sans

  • Ah, childhood. Keywords: Pre-existential crisis and insomnia.
  • Go-to when having the lyrics of Jordin Sparks’ “No Air” printed at your nearby computer shop. Purple font, size 14, double-spaced. 
  • A PowerPoint presentation staple before campy transitions retired.
  • But could Comic Sans be the answer to easier retention? If yes, I don’t mind its comeback. After all, I’ve been using it ironically. (Or not.)

Broken 15

  • Your_Guardian_Angel_byredjumpsuitapparatus.mp3
  • *sweeps off abundant bangs*
  • “Hey, I can edit your photo!” but in 2009
  • Your emo classmate’s Friendster profile.

font from Font Squirrel

Curlz MT

  • Is this… cheese powder in my hands? Was this ever used in 2000s junk food packaging or am I dreaming?
  • In another life, this could’ve been The Burn Book’s font. 
  • If ?  were a font.
  • My Bratz dolls’ conversations probably looked like this.

photo from Free Fonts Family


  • Sorry, you have failed your Math test. 
  • Or sorry, you have potentially failed your Math class and we’re giving you a chance at removals. (We’re not sorry.)
  • Or an ebook you can’t download illegally.
  • Or an academic journal you can’t unlock.

Photo from Font Squirrel

Times New Roman

  • Fonts you can smell (by that, I mean, your high school’s old brochure. And yearbook.)
  • THIS WAY TO [insert tangible location here].
  • Dark coffee, sleepiness, and 2 am. A blank MS Word document. 
  • Pay your respects to the canon of all fonts. 

photo from Free Fonts Family



  • Budget Halloween party poster you’re ashamed to admit that you like. 
  • Pitch: “Among Us” but using this font.
  • “My favorite colors are red and black.”
  • Sounds like B-Movie voiceovers that’ll choke on their own in the 20th minute.

Courier New

  • Yes, I am a Scriptwriter
  • The retreat letter of your friend who has bad penmanship.
  • The cousin of Typewriter the font, a cottagecore essential.
  • [mystery skit voice] when the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog…

photo from Courier New


  • Google Doc’s favorite child.
  • “Ugh, her presentation has no personality.”
  • Times New Roman’s insecure twin.
  • Your Boomer Tita’s Facebook bakery logo. 

photo from Identifont

Art by Yel Sayo


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