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Don’t look, we’re cry-dancing to She’s Only Sixteen’s ‘Broken Glass’

Don’t look, we’re cry-dancing to She’s Only Sixteen’s ‘Broken Glass’

As we’re nearing our weekly self-debriefing session, She’s Only Sixteen decided to make it more interesting as the rock outfit dropped its new single “Broken Glass.” It’s a banger, yes, but it’s also a shameless revelation of our isolation situation.

Overflowing with electronic soundscapes, some crisp funk and more evidently danceable beats—which signal the band’s slight change in direction—”Broken Glass” bulldozes our peace with cry-dance-worthy confessions about ourselves and our peers. Whether it’s an anthem of getting by or retreating is yours to decide. How will the future play out? If there is even one? 

“I’m proud to say that “Broken Glass” was produced by King and I passing around Ableton files until it was done,” wrote SOS vocalist Roberto Seña on Twitter. Drummer and music producer King Puentespina a.k.a. crwn, also invited listeners to stream. 

I don’t know about you but the lines “I’m feeling tired doing nothing much/I fall asleep when the sun is up” makes this an instant addition to a hyperspecific playlist. Catch me in my room doing the same. 

Listen to “Broken Glass” here:

“Broken Glass” cover art courtesy of She’s Only Sixteen

Banner art by Jan Cardasto



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