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These 7 celebs are certified ARMYs (maybe even more than you)

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, BTS is everywhere. And I’m not saying that just because I’m an ARMY―they’re literally everywhere. Chances are, every time you scroll through social media, someone is sharing BTS content. 

And before you say “their fans are all just teenage girls,” hold up. 

In a preview from “Tonight with Jimmy Fallon” released this week (for BTS Week!), pro-wrestler-and-now children’s book author John Cena professed his love for BTS on TV in probably the most wholesome way possible. 

“They use sick-ass, boom-bap beats and they actually rap. So like, yeah, I kinda like this. This is great,” he said, saying out loud what each one of us rapper line stans had in mind (guilty as charged).


Cena has been a fan for a while now, dedicating a bit of space on his IG account for out-of-context BTS content and even greeting J-Hope on his birthday.

It’s 2020 and John Cena is a bigger BTS stan than you. In case you didn’t know, here are other celebs who wear their purple heart badges with pride.

Terry Crews

Looks like an addicting, colorful cupcake mobile game isn’t the only thing Lt. Terry Jeffords is “kwazy” about. Look at him slaying that pink suit and jamming to “Dynamite.”

Steve Aoki

This DJ did quite a handful of collabs with BTS and even hung out with them outside work (“kicking each other or, like, trading clothes,” his exact words). 


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


Wrestling and K-pop probably isn’t the first crossover you see coming to life but here we are: buff pro-wrestlers gushing over seven K-pop boys, and we love to see it. And for the record, yes, “The Rock” does know what BTS means.

Kris Aquino

Can’t forget the resident Armymom Kris Aquino, who discovered BTS thanks to Gucci. She’s the celebrity stan who actually researched about the boys, listened to their songs and watched their interviews. She even knows how hard and long K-pop idols had to train to debut. (And her bias is RM. Taste.)

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell, supermodel of the world who wouldn’t mince her words when she really doesn’t know somebody, just casually dropping on-cam that she thinks BTS’ makeup line is good is just… imagine having this much power on your side. 

Taylor Swift

Legend recognizes legend: Even miz Taylor is an ARMY. I don’t know who I wanna be: Taylor just calmly walking into a room full of BTS or RM just casually conversing with a chart-topping artist. 

Photo from BTS’ “Map of the Soul” concept photos


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