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Smell like ‘Midsommar,’ ‘Hereditary’ and more with A24 candles


Love it or hate it, bizarre indie film house A24 makes the world go round. And this means our dreary heads going through the mundanity of life. Marking their place in us, here’s their latest unorthodox installment: candles.

If movie stills are filed under “images you can smell,” what scent will linger under our nostrils? This is what A24, in collaboration with fragrance studio Joya, is answering through quirky candles with scents symbolizing classic film genres. 

With a burn time of 50 to 60 hours (or approximately 33 movies), these six candles each represent hyperspecific, cinema-certified scenes and feelings. The red “not unsettling… but not settling” horror candle is said to give off “leathery” and “dank” so we’re thinking squeaky floorboards, goosebumps and maybe mysterious voices. For the royal blue thriller candle, they dropped four words: “unorthodox, roasted, smoky, metallic.” Guess that’s my new Twitter bio.

If you’re not ready for Halloween yet, there’s a pink rom-com (“crisp yet plush”) and a gray sci-fi candle (“alone but at ease”) that are full of paradoxes.

Peep the full collection on A24’s website. You might notice that they’re out of stock, but they’ll be restocking soon according to Dazed. Congrats, you’ve reached peak cinephile.

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