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These pop culture makeup are video call fatigue-proof

These pop culture makeup are video call fatigue-proof

I’m not the biggest makeup buff out there, but if a collection reeks of a pop culture crossover, I’m immediately sold. And since I’m a sucker for limited-edition merch, beauty products with the same vibe are my weaknesses. 

Pop culture makeup plays like a special seal of membership to certain fandoms—a quirky sense of belongingness into your favorite’s fictional world. And, of course, they’re also a magical addition to your space. 

If you need a little glamming up—either for a trip to the kitchen or a two-hour Zoom call—here are a few pop culture-inspired beauty products that live in our heads (and wishlists) rent-free. Some are still in stock, but some we’re waiting to make a comeback—but it doesn’t make our longing any less.

Maybelline’s “Marvel” collection

When life throws you a bad day, the key is to be a badass. Maybelline’s new collection is a sleek addition to any Marvel fan’s collection. Packed with the brand’s best-selling products (with emblems of the franchise’s iconic characters, of course), trust that they will stay on for hours in whatever WFH battle you have.

Photo from Maybelline

Storybook Palette’s “Mean Girls”-inspired palette 

All of “Mean Girls’” quirks, but make it eyeshadow? Count me in. Nothing’s more satisfying than having a makeup collection that aligns with the film’s iconic energy. Storybook Cosmetics, which is known to whip out dope pop culture beauty products, definitely lived up to their hype with this one. I mean, that Burn Book cover is a dream.

Tag yourself, I’m “Is Butter a Carb?”

Photo from Hive Asia

IT Chapter Two Loser/Lover eye shadow palette

Halloween season has entered the chat, and there’s no better coping mechanism than to put on some makeup for your class horror party. Whether it’s for the spooks or not, these eight shimmery and matte shades will serve you some looks. Especially if you use that balloon-shaped mirror. Hey Pennywise, will you come out if you see this?

Photo for Pop Sugar

“Clueless” Totally Buggin’ eye shadow palette and lip gloss

As a “Clueless” fan, it’s absolutely hard to ignore these. First of all, the audacity of that class notebook that doubles as an eyeshadow palette to exist? Plus, the brush is Cher Horowitz’s maribou feather-topped pen. I, too, want to bless my eyes with glitter and not cry over my subjects.

Hot Topic’s agenda doesn’t end with that, though. They also have a cute mini bag that carries three shades of lip gloss, each inspired by the film’s iconic lines. There’s the pale pink for Cher’s “totally buggin’,” the dark red for Dionne’s “don’t call me woman” and the nude for Tai’s “you’re a virgin who can’t drive.”

Photo from Hot Topic

Colourpop x Disney Villains

If you’re not obsessed with this collection, then what’s up? These highlighters, glossy lippies and lux lipsticks are totally what Disney villain fantasies are made of. They’re whimsical, fierce and a total serve. We have a feeling this collection will easily conceal our unwanted feelings—may it be through virtual screens or IRL.

Photo from Colourpop

Art by Jan Cardasto


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