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Steam users, Sega is giving us free games for their 60th birthday

Free games are important to broke gamers like me. 

Although I am but a humble, casual gamer, I know the legacy of Sega just like everyone else. The iconic game developer that gave us the Sonic the Hedgehog series is celebrating its 60th birthday. And to give thanks to fans, Sega is doing us a solid by giving us some free mini-games over at Steam. 

Over the next 60 days, Sega will feed its children exclusive content like store discounts, insightful interviews and some classic mini-games from its back catalog. The celebration kicks off with free games as well as discounts over selected titles at Steam. One of the first free titles is the multiplayer action game Armor of Heroes, which would be available this Oct. 15. 

The lineup of free games so far are Endless Zones, Streets Of Kamurocho, and NiGHTS Into Dreams. But to download NiGHTS Into Dreams for free, users must create their Steam account during Sega’s celebration. All the games will be free for download until they’re removed permanently on Oct. 19.

Check out the full lineup of Sega’s 60th birthday here.

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