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Nobody’s “Amateur” collection challenges us to go explore our identities

Nobody’s “Amateur” collection challenges us to go explore our identities

Clothing brand released a new collection featuring a pair of sweats, a pocket tee, and a full zip jacket. Relatively new, Nobody’s position as a brand is in between the edginess of old school band shirts and the clinical minimalist of previous fashion trends; Nobody’s releases has the airs of an understated cool.

Nobody’s “Amateur” release is interesting because of the ideas that formed the collection. This collection presents how rules may or may not be applied as long as it leads you to “you”. Nobody puts it like this: “Mistakes are welcome. Jokes are welcome. Consistencies in branding are not necessary.” We need to reflect once in while about who we really are. Or maybe even what we are. This never-ending quest of knowing oneself can be pretty rough but it’s the journey that makes us who we are the end. Amateur represents the people who create using the different possibilities in the universe. May it be out of our comfort zones, or just by being amateur.

“Are we human or are we amateur?” Check out the collection’s edgy zip jackets, sweats and pocket tees below:

Photography by Roy Cabugao
feat. Carla Andrea C. Crespo

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