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Here’s why all your streetwear homies are posting the same photos


With the streetwear industry expecting billions in revenue for this year alone, to say that urban fashion is taking over the entire segment isn’t really far-fetched. And while we acknowledge the original designs of our favorite collections, they surely couldn’t have sold some, if not all, without the help of social media. No cap, social media played the biggest role in streetwear’s success. 

Other than a platform for sharing new campaigns and products, social media has become a moodboard that guides generations in defining tastes. Brands have capitalized on this by providing content that helps predict the next big thing, to the point that they tap people from their market’s circles to champion their values. 

Not long after, the fashion community caught up. From identifying new ways to flex their threads to producing relatable content, the community in a way became part of a system that helps us like what we like. Or make what isn’t hot, hot. You feel me? The best thing about it is that most of these aren’t even paid. Just people sharing what they wear or their LPUs. That’s authentic content, ma.

As you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking of that one sick product photo that made you “add to cart” incessantly. It’s okay, you aren’t hypnotized (I hope), but that’s just how it works. With the streetwear community continuing to find new ways to flex and unconsciously making us cop more, we shortlisted three notable ways to ‘show off your drip’ that transpired in 2020. Spoiler, they aren’t all good. 

1. Cropped fit pic

Remember that time when covering our faces was the secret ingredient to reaching triple digit likes on a fit pic? Well, people have grown old of “snob shots” and just straight up cropped their heads. Sure, it’s creepy to look at a headless photo, but once you look past that and appreciate it like a mannequin showing off the outfit, you’ll see nothing wrong with it. 

2. Self shot side sneaker pic

Taking sneaker shots back in the day meant asking help from your homie to get you a good pic. Come 2020, we’ve welcomed a shoefie that we’ve long ignored because of how it made us feel. I mean, it feels awkward to bend our legs inward just to snap a photo of our shoes, what more in public, right? But the thing about the side sneaker pic is that it allows us to share how the shoes actually look for people other than ourselves. And tbh, they look damn good, so for me, this one’s a win. 

3. New wave hypebeast pic

While some look at social media as an emotional outlet, others use it to flex. We’re all about sharing wins, whether big or small, but some just want to take it up a notch. A little too far sometimes. What was once a photo of a room decked out in Supreme has now turned into flexing rare and overpriced sneakers by creasing or worse, destroying those pairs. Why do they do it? To show that they can afford beating a pair? Is it fun? Well, it’s sad since we lost the raffle to someone who destroyed our grail, but it’s also fun to see people destroy their stuff for clout.

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