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Yes, I’m ready for that next Pale Waves album


Is it just me or does it feel like every single one of our faves are hinting comebacks and dropping new music this month? Lorde, Ariana, Nadine, and Twice are all feeding us this October. Even indie acts are releasing new music―Beabadoobee’s labelmate Pale Waves has finished their album and it’s just “chilling on their iTunes” now.

Vocalist Heather Baron-Gracie confirmed it by responding to a fan’s tweet, saying the new album is “just chilling on a hard drive somewhere.”

She’s been dropping hints about the band’s upcoming album on her Twitter: from the asterisk-concealed album title to the possible track titles. She’s so excited to drop it, she even wants someone to just hack her iTunes account and post it already (obviously a joke, though we can’t wait for that album, too).



For baby indies out there, Pale Waves is an English indie pop band often compared to The 1975; their “Television Romance” MV was even directed by Matt Healy himself. 

It’s been almost a year since the band released their debut album “My Mind Makes Noises,” a record for the emo teenager that’s always been in all of us with its attempts to understand the different faces of love.

There’s no release date or tracklist yet though All we know is that this album’s name is made up of three words, a soft tearjerker called “wish u were here” is possibly gonna be on the album and it might drop any time soon. Am I ready? No, but I’m sure my circa 2009 emo self would have been.


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Still from “Television Romance”



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