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You can put anything in this Ghibli fanmade caption maker (so we did)


Legendary animation studio Studio Ghibli gave us 400 free images to use last month. (We used them for wallpapers and Zoom backgrounds, just so you know). But Japanese Ghibli fan Yoshiwo Konogi came up with an even better idea: He made a Ghibli caption maker.

Using stills from any Ghibli film of our choice, we can place whatever random caption our hearts desire.

It’s free to use on Konogi’s website. Just choose between 12 images, place the caption you desire (from “Spirited Away,” “The Secret World of Arrietty,” “Ponyo” and many more Ghibli classics) and press that save button. 

Studio Ghibli films, just like everyone else, are my form of escapism. When the world is full of bullshit, I know “Kiki’s Delivery Service” has my back. From their storytelling to their animation, they never fail to lift my spirits, unlike the system we are all currently suffering under. 

To give my Twitter a rest, I decided to merge my two interests together: Studio Ghibli and dismantling the system. I used the caption maker to air my frustration on our socio-political climate. 

Here’s how it went so far:

You can do mood tweets or your Filipino translations of famous Ghibli quotes. Fair warning: It has trouble recognizing spacebar inputs since Japanese writing doesn’t use spaces between words. Apart from that, it’s pretty fun and easy to use. 

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