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Our fave Y2K horror books are finally free to download

Our fave Y2K horror books are finally free to download

Y2K kids, we may have long scratched spooky parties off our Halloween to-do list, but we have another thing coming: binge-reading “True Philippine Ghost Stories” online. Hear those grade school war flashbacks yet?

Thanks to technology, these shared horror experiences are now available to download for free. Originally published by PSICOM in 2002, the first 10 volumes of the cult classic horror series “True Philippine Ghost Stories” can be accessed through its app. Students of the 2000s can finally relieve the times they’ve scared themselves shitless passing around copies of the books—until teachers had to confiscate them, only to settle for “Goosebumps,” that is.

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To start binge-reading stories of Balete Drive and Bloody Marys, you will have to download the PSICOM app on the App Store or Google Play. After registration, tap on the free e-books category, where you’ll spot a section dedicated to “True Philippine Ghost Stories.” Aside from that, the app also offers a bunch of free stories from different series’ collections.

But for those who’ve got their fill of the OG scares, we’ve also asked some of our friends for their own spooky high school stories. Happy Halloween at home, scaredy cats.

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