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Hmm, is a ‘Dune’ video game actually coming?

Hmm, is a ‘Dune’ video game actually coming?

By the looks of it, we, and the rest of the public, aren’t over desert wonderland sci-fi flick “Dune.” While the sequel isn’t coming out until 2023, some folks have resorted to theorizing the next possible “Dune”-related thing: a video game.

As reported by GamesRadar, a post on Reddit’s /GamingLeaksAndRumours connected a few dots and speculated on a potential video game adaptation set in the “Dune” universe. This pinpointed to recent interactions made by Xbox and video game developer inXile Entertainment, which is coincidentally (or not), an Xbox game studio.

During the previous months, the user pointed out inXile’s tweets that appeared to promote the “Dune” film.

inXile founder and CEO Brian Fargo had also recently met with David Lynch, the director of “Dune’s” 1984 adaptation.

But, to top it all off, Xbox head Phil Spencer name-dropped the sandy universe in a recent GQ interview that marked the 20th anniversary of the game console.

“For me, [‘Dune’ is] one of those seminal sci-fi series,” he said. “More than ‘The Lord Of The Rings.’ More than even ‘Star Wars.’ I don’t know if it’s because it was written here in the Northwest—Frank Herbert was in Oregon—but it just always resonated with me.”

Several video games inspired by “Dune” have graced screens in the late ’90s to early 2000s. Of course, they were all in classic pixel glory, so it isn’t surprising that fans are crossing their fingers for a new take.

Currently, the crumbs of info stay as speculation, or just hard proof that the peeps at Xbox are hardcore “Dune” stans. Whether or not we’re getting a concrete announcement any time soon, we can always patiently wait for the sequel and stare at our calendars until 2023. (Fun.)

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