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These free animated films deserve your screen time

These free animated films deserve your screen time

If you’re a sucker for animated films like us, then here’s a reason to be happy for once: The Institut Français—together with the Association Française du Cinéma d’Animation (AFCA)—decided to spoil us. 

For its 10-year streak, the collaboration is serving an animated film festival—packed with both short and feature films we can watch for free. If your quarantine soul-searching involves an animated films marathon, consider yourself covered as you can binge these flicks until Oct. 31.

Dir. Simon Rouby 

Set in 1916, “Adama” follows its 12-year-old titular character who lives in a remote village in West Africa. One night, his older brother Samba disappears. This pushes him to go out and find him—an act defying the wish of his elders.

“Yellowbird/Gus petit oiseau, grand voyage”
Dir. Christian De Vita

Yellowbird, a tiny orphaned bird, has never left the nest. But in a playful twist of fate, he suddenly finds himself leading a flock on its migration to Africa.

Dir. Gabriel Jacquel

From zero to “tracks down germs and bacteria in the house,” how overprotective is your mother? That’s just how Little Tom’s mom is. She even monitors his eating habits in the hopes of guarding his son. But is she, really?

“Le Cadeau (Gift)”
Dir. Ismael Dialo

In a sea of gifts, a young girl is disappointed with what she receives from her friend: a shell. Will she change her perspective after listening to her Papa Nzenu’s story? He said that in Mali, a young man’s destiny changed after his uncle gave him a gourd seed.

“Les Trois Vérités (The Three Truths)”
Dir. Louisa Beskri and Wakili Adehan

One stormy evening, a very sick man poses a challenge to his son: pay off all their debts then return to his bedside. But what will welcome him once he gets home?

Dir. Irène Iborra and Eduard Puertas Anfruns

Matilda can’t sleep. While playing with her bedside lamp, the bulb pops and finds herself in the dark. Soon enough, she befriends the darkness and discovers the charms of the night. 

The lineup also consists of “The Kindergarten Show,” “L’Atelier,” “The One Who Tamed The Clouds,” “Le Petite Pousse,” “Lunolil, Petit Naturaliste,” “Malika et la sorcière” “Le Lutteur,” “Le Chasseur et L’antipope” and “Shamazulu.”

Check out all of the films here

Still from “Beuââârk!”


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