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Before you bag that new phone, check off this list first

Before you bag that new phone, check off this list first

I don’t know about you, but my ideal phone has to check off some marks before I can even think about hovering over “add to cart.” When your phone’s more like a needed limb rather than an extra thing, deciding on that big, big purchase needs some hard thinking. Will it keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle or my random bouts of inspiration to create a short film on the fly? (We all get that sometimes.)

These days, our phones need to keep pace with whatever our project of the day is. Luckily, we sorted that out with our certified™ criteria to consider before bagging that new phone.

A really powerful camera

After taking a lot of photos for my IG feed, I’ve long ditched the more profesh equipment for somethin’ handier. Instead of shelling out cash for an expensive DSLR and carrying all that extra weight, invest in something a little lighter on the pockets—and your bag. 

Your next phone needs a high-powered camera that’ll deliver your dream aesthetic and be able to capture unique visuals in the most random, less photogenic moments. Looking at you, photography neophytes.

A battery that won’t die on you

In between live, music and TV streams, and just plain chats, your phone takes a few punches in a single day. Like mere mortals who need caffeine to function, phones need a lotta juice to keep running throughout the day. But most times, constant recharging can turn borderline annoying.

When choosing a new phone, start at a horror scenario: Without a power source on hand, will the battery die on you when you really need a ride home? Along with a powerful system, your shiny new phone needs an even more powerful battery life and quick charging to boot. Bonus points if it’s got a smart power management system, just so you’ll know what battery-draining apps to ditch.

A super-wide (and super clear) display

At a time when phones act as mini-movie theaters, you’ll need to see every little detail in extra-crisp, high definition mode. Get your dose of films, series, tutorial vids, multiplayer games and literally anything else with a phone that’s got A+ resolution and dimensions to see your content in all its full, 1080p glory.

A storage space that can fit all your virtual stuff

Camera, battery and HD display all sorted out? Then, you’ve got the tools needed for the trade—but you might wanna have enough storage for it to actually run without the threat of a “storage full” warning. Even in the age of cloud backups, have a phone that provides those much-needed built-in GBs to store your aesthetic shots, spontaneous short films and all those graphics-heavy games.

huawei y series new

Jotted everything down? Here’s a phone for you to consider: Huawei’s New Y Series, which promises to keep up with whatever new thing you got going with its high-powered camera, long battery life, quick charging, smarter power management system, HD resolution and enough storage to store all that in. Plus, it’s pretty affordable for youngins’ to bag—expect its launch soon.

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