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Crwn fetches our unfinished dreams in new double-sided track

Crwn fetches our unfinished dreams in new double-sided track

When I sift through my Instagram stories lately, I see a common denominator: People reposting archives and regretting things they didn’t do when they had the chance. They didn’t try that outdoor hobby, braved that terrifying amusement park ride or maybe visited a friend more often. 

Even if going back to “normal” sounds impossible right now, it’s not a sin to miss what we missed. Crwn validates this feeling with freshly dropped double-sided track “Moment to Moment/From Time to Time” his latest since the “Labyrinth” EP in 2019. 

In this single, the producer muses about music’s place—as well as its absence—in an alternate universe brought upon by the pandemic. 

With longing piercing through its house and funk elements, “Moment to Moment/From Time to Time” fetches our unfinished dreams from a painfully familiar world. From a steady start, it slowly escalates into something bigger, making it a spin for both low-key, head-bopping moments and times of solitude. “This project was the first time I felt compelled to create again, to fulfill a need to create something new,” Crwn says.

“Moment to Moment/From Time to Time” is paired with the forthright art of Darlingkink that offers us another round of imagination. It will also feature poems from writer Gian Lao for the “From Time to Time” music video, premiering on Nov. 13, with the b-side’s visuals on the 20th.

Listen to the double-sided track here:

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