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Make Your Own ‘Stranger Things’ Title Screen

Make Your Own ‘Stranger Things’ Title Screen

We caught wind of Stranger Things back when the trailer was released, and we binged-watched the moment all the episodes got out. For a series that pays homage to stuff that existed before we were born, we loved it. One particular thing that we all love is the title screen. If Kanye West’s, Rihanna’s, and Justin Bieber’s tour merch brought back designs from heavy metal bands (as if it ever left), maybe this kind of typography would make a comeback on everything old school.

So it’s very cool that we found out a website that can “strangify” whatever words you put in. Try it out for yourself before your Twitter feed gets full of it, if it hasn’t already. The same studio that made the website, explains the beauty behind the typography. It’s not really nostalgia as it is an admiration for good design.

We tried our hand on the site and here are the results:



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