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How To Deal With 2016, According To WikiHow

How To Deal With 2016, According To WikiHow

There’s no wonder why “shookt” is a word thrown around nowadays, because it aptly describes what everyone’s feeling right now. What the hell, 2016? What did we do to deserve this?

Who’s going to lift us up and help us keep it together? Nobody else but an impartial, neutral, monotonous website backed by the collective internet,  WikiHow. WikiHow has always been a go-to source on how to act in certain situations through different methods with clear, step-by-step instructions and their easily recognizable hand-drawn illustrations. From teaching us how to run like Naruto to how to destroy a relationship in Club Penguin, there must be something that we can learn from the site to help us carry on with our daily lives this year.

There’s no article entitled “How To Deal With 2016” on the site yet, but here are some other WikiHow articles that just might help with whatever dilemma you’re facing right now.

How To Pretend Your Life Is A Sitcom

Maybe it’s time to pretend that there’s a laugh track at the end of what everyone’s saying, ’cause it’s all feeling like one big joke anyway. This season really took it to the next level, huh? When will the jokes end? Where’s the punchline?

How To Participate In Opposite Day

A dictator gets a hero’s burial, a bigot wins the US presidency, and a blogger gets a column in a large daily. Welcome to topsy turvy land!

How to Be Edgy and Revolutionary As a Teenager

Fight the power! Keyboard warriors are plenty these days, but truth be told cyberspace is a valid platform for voicing out opinions and possible, proper discourse as well. Just make sure you act the part!

How To Cope With Fears Of A Trump Presidency

If you haven’t read this then, read this now. The Trump presidency is here, and the whole world is affected when a superpower changes its leader. It’s fine to care about other countries, bruh. Here’s a piece of solid advice from the article:

“Tell yourself that you’re going to be okay. Remember that worst-case scenarios generally don’t happen. Tell yourself that you’ll be able to adjust and adapt to whatever changes take place, and that these changes might not be as drastic as you think they might be.”

How To Survive Under Martial Law

Is this edgy enough? Fear is a rational response to what’s happening in the world right now and there’s always the chance that this slipped your mind over the course of the year. WikiHow’s got you covered.


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