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Sorry homophobes, JustGirlyThings is actually queer


Hey folks, had enough of 2020 plot twists yet? Yes? Well, too bad, here’s another one for you 2010 Tumblr kids: JustGirlyThings, the epitome of the internet’s straight girl culture, has just come out as a queer woman. (I know, we love irony too.)

If you hadn’t been living under the Tumblr rock like us mere mortals, JustGirlyThings was created back in November 2011 featuring stock photos of mundane activities labeled stereotypically “girly.” And because the internet is the way it is, the site sprouted into a bunch of parodies that haunted the web for years to come

In a recent post made in JustGirlyThings’ long-standing Tumblr blog, site owner Becky revealed herself as the person behind the infamous page. “I created this blog when I was 13 with the help of a few girls. Honestly, it was a joke that kind of blew up,” she explains. “Somehow, I brought joy to girls and boys all across the world (‘JustGirlyThings’ but literally any man or woman could laugh/relate to this blog) and that’s all I really could’ve asked for when creating this.”

Attached to the post was a photo following the usual JustGirlyThings’ template. This time around, the text read “Coffee dates with your girlfriend,” overlaid on a photo of women snuggling while on a, well, coffee date.

“The above picture is me and my fiancée Chelsi,” Becky says, explaining that a thread had made the rounds on Twitter claiming that she was a lesbian. “I’d like to thank you all for coming along on this journey with me for the past decade.”

TL;DR: JustGirlyThings is kind of a legend—but the sapphics hereby claim it now.

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