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5 signs you met a softboi (or… the President)

5 signs you met a softboi (or… the President)

I’m not interested in describing how a softboi dresses, what his hobbies are or what starter pack humanizes him. You can check the softboi spectrum here for yourself. But amid the hipsterisms and mystification of the softboi figure, there is something absurd when it’s displayed by state figures themselves…like the highest state figures themselves.

Beyond musing on why softbois are actually more desirable than fuccbois, bear in mind that the attention-seeking, emotionally manipulative personality itself is not normal. Here are five signs you’ve already met one and why you should run if you still haven’t.

Makes pointless statements

The softboi has his way of clouding the judgments of people by bringing up random topics and statements. Others take this as entertaining or comical, but it’s actually just bad rhetoric.


Resists accountability, cries foul instead

The true manifestation of a softboi is his resistance to accountability for bad behavior and poor actions. Instead of striving to be better, everything’s  taken as a personal attack and thus never applies to  them.

Guilt-trips you until you fall for the act

Although considered  a stock character of humanity itself, the softboi figure on the verge of toxicity will guilt-trip you into believing that everything’s fine. He’s an expert in exploiting emotions like a true populist figure who thinks he still has the regard of a  public oblivious to its faults.

Constantly nags

The tantrum-throwing attitude is  an example of the softboi’s constant nagging. The need to be superior in taste and power makes him defensive of criticisms so he turns the table on you.

Destructive behavior

Lastly, the softboi exhibits a pattern of destructive behavior. He repeatedly does things that could lead himself and others to danger, turning violence, expressed or hidden, into a habit.


If anything, we should unlearn the charm in emotional masculinity. A fairly simple message to all who has met a softboi once in their life: If mature people really wanna do better, they will act on it.


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