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The plight of our farmers is our concern, too


Agriculture is one of the most crucial and affected sectors in the devastation left by typhoons Ulysses and Rolly. Picture the aftermath: Crops permanently lost, fields submerged or covered with mud. 

The farmers’ clamor for genuine agrarian reform remains unheeded, barred by a system that favors tenancy, urban development and  land conversion. 

How ironic that with agricultural loss of at least P2.5 billion, our farmers who give us food security, are themselves going hungry.




If only government policies were skewed to favor our land-tillers while technical farm know-how and low-interest loans were made available to them, things wouldn’t have looked so grim, and our food security would not hang in the balance.

Private and collective efforts to help are not wanting, fortunately, with several relief ops and donation drives ongoing across cities and towns in Tuguegarao, Isabela and parts of Central Luzon and the Bicol region. 

Here’s a list of donation drives especially for farmers severely affected by the series of typhoons:









But don’t stop at donations to help our food growers. Be informed, spread the word and hold public officials accountable. When you enjoy your next meal, think of what it costs farmers to bring that to your table.


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