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A virtual Unique sings an introvert anthem in new MV


How do you communicate? Some people have no problems being vocal and articulating their point across, while a lot of us struggle to express ourselves especially since “straight to the point” doesn’t always do it for us. Just ask Unique Salonga, king of cryptic teasers.

Teased with a looping muted clip of green static, “Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit” is the third song off Unique’s second album “Pangalan” to get an MV after “Lamang Lupa” and “Bukod-Tangi.” 

Directed by the singer-songwriter himself, the MV sees a green holographic Unique trapped in his Windows XP-like music visualizer bubble, matching outfits with his equally virtual mannequin co-star as he gets vulnerable about, well, being vulnerable.

There are a lot of things this song gets right with introversion: Being cautious with your words so you don’t offend someone; not pushing hard enough for what you want to avoid conflict; being told you’re “not expressive” enough. 

Unique even captures that feeling of fatigue from face-to-face socialization in the chorus: “Nagmamadali sa ’king pag-uwi / Hanggang sa muli, paalam.”

Listen to “Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit” and the rest of “Pangalan” on Spotify.


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Still from“Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit” MV



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