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Want to have a degree in anime or manga? This uni is for you


Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, Major in Anime and/or Manga was once a distant dream of artistic weebs. Now, Kaishi Professional University (KPU) has made it a reality.

Aspiring professional manga artists and anime illustrators can finally get their dream degree. No, not as a student under fine arts or digital arts. They can actually get a degree specializing in the art of anime or manga at KPU in Niigata, Japan. 

The university’s anime and manga department plans to launch in  April 2021. Recently, the department  disclosed that it will be accepting 80 students next year. Students will get more than 600 hours of theory and practice from famous anime and manga creators. Subjects include character design training, drawing expression technique, manga script training and many more.

So far, the university hasn’t revealed its full faculty roster, but it’ll be a star-studded one. The dean of both departments will be creator of “City Hunter” and “The Heroic Legend of Arslan” Sachiko Kamimura. The faculty will be composed of “professional animators, animation directors, manga artists, character designers, illustrators and game creators, as well as animation and manga researchers.”

Young hopefuls can send their applications ’till Dec. 1. As for the first entrance examination, it will be on Dec. 19, Saturday. The details for the entrance exam will be announced on the university’s site.

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