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This site makes Pokécards based on your listening history


No one asked for Pokémon cards to call out your music taste. Still, this site doesn’t give a fuck and will drag your taste™ by its hair. 

Reddit user Matt Ognibene is the mind behind PokéPlaylist. With his web app, you can place your Spotify data and it’ll create Pokémon cards of your most played artists. “I was inspired by some Frank Ocean fans who made Pokemon cards for Frank’s albums, so I ran with the idea,” says its creator.

PokéPlaylist will generate your top three artists and produce Pokémon cards out of them. Instead of seeing the cards’ Pokémon types, users will see the genre the artists fall under. The cards provide the artists’ top albums, their Spotify popularity rank and their follower count. 

Users can generate cards of their top artists of all time, the last six months and last month. It’s a fun way to monitor your music taste and what you’ve been vibing to lately. But if you’re cynical like me, it would feel like a bunch of Pokémon cards are cyberbullying you for your music taste. 

Let me show you some samples: 

On the month of November, I’m back to listening to art rap wunderkind Open Mike Eagle. That’s pretty much on brand. But my other two artists scream “white art school kid” with synth-pop dads Future Islands and indie sellouts Coldplay. TBH, I don’t even remember listening to that much Coldplay this month. Trust. 

As for the last six months, my top artists are A Tribe Called Quest, The National and Taylor Swift. These are artists no one will ever find in the same festival lineup (except for The National and T-Swift). This says I’m a bad bitch ’til 2 a.m. hits. After that, I’m just balls deep in my feelings. 

However, my top three artists of all time say a lot about me. We have art punk legends Talking Heads, folk daddy Iron & Wine and sad indie dads The National yet again. I guess I really do have the taste of a white art school student.

So if you want Pokemon cards to roast your music taste or to figure out your listening habits, it’s time to use this independent web app.

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