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Have a cryfest with these Makoto Shinkai films on Netflix


We get it, we feel you: The weather these days makes you crave some Makoto Shinkai-type of adventure. 

You cried with “Your Name” and “Weathering With You,” and now you can turn into an emotional wreck all over again because Netflix just added more of Shinkai’s tearjerkers to the streaming platform.

Four more Shinkai works will make you feel again: “Garden of Words,” “Children Who Chase Lost Voices,” “5 Centimeters Per Second” and “The Place Promised in Our Early Days.”

“Garden With Words” walked so “Weathering With You” could run. Rain also takes a crucial role in this film about a young aspiring shoe designer who shares moments of silence with a woman in a quiet garden.

“Children Who Chase Lost Voices” explores our desire to bring back what we’ve lost. The Studio Ghibli-esque film follows a young orphan on a journey to the beautifully eerie Agartha for answers about her deceased father.

“5 Centimeters Per Second” is the speed at which cherry blossom petals fall. The film is for everyone stuck in the past and unable to create new memories even with the people they love. 

“The Place Promised in Our Early Days” follows a group of friends and their dream to fly high and craft their own airplane that eventually gets caught in the harsh realities of alternate post-war Japan.

Shinkai is known for films exploring themes like heartbreak, coupled with meticulously detailed animation for compelling storytelling. 

He also worked on a couple of other shorts way before “Your Name,” and has a new film brewing, in case anyone’s living under a rock. Keep the mess going and check out more tearjerkers if you’re in the mood for a cryfest.


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