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QUIZ: Which fanfic trope should you blame for your messed-up body clock?

QUIZ: Which fanfic trope should you blame for your messed-up body clock?

Look, we all have that one AO3 tag we gravitate to, but this time, we’re gonna delve a bit deeper. We’re here to help you finally realize what fanfic trope is secretly you in an alternate universe where you’re the cause of stan tears on a school night. Are you enemies-to-lovers? Fake relationship AU? There’s only one bed? All three stacked together under a trench coat? (Sorry, that one isn’t an option.) Take this quiz and find out.

How long is your fic?

What rating are you giving it?

Choose a dubious AO3 tag.

Pick a line to quote from literary classic “My Immortal.”

Which lowercase Hozier lyric will be the title of your masterpiece?

Finally, where are you posting it?

QUIZ: Which fanfic trope should you blame for your screwed-up body clock?
Enemies to lovers
It’s all about the pining. The slow burn, unadulterated, “i-hate-them-what-are-you-talking-about” sort of pining. You like life—and your fics—with a slice of tension and a dash of plot twists. Some people might point out your problematic streak, but it all counts for your future redemption arc anyway.
Fake relationship
If 2009’s “The Proposal” and a bunch of K-dramas had a long-lost child, it would, of course, be you. You live for the “will they, won’t theys” of life and the off chance you find yourself inside a rom-com. Also, you’d make a good spy, for some reason.
Coffee shop AU
You like your fluff like your dose of coffee: in an extra-large mug with more sugar than you can handle. Given the choice, you’d live inside a cabin in the woods, realizing all your cottagecore fantasies. When canon’s too rough on your faves, you click on the fanfic site of your fancy just to binge-read pages of tooth-rotting fluffy drabbles. Hey, we feel ya.
Okay, chances are, you might be a furry, but we’re not judgin’. You aren’t afraid of diversifying your fic choices, even if some locals might consider it “questionable.” Alpha/Beta/Omega fanfics (or the Omegaverse) might just be your cup of very strong tea with all of that scent-marking. It makes for a great bedtime story, ey?
There’s only one bed
It’s Murphy’s Law, but make it spicy. This tried-and-tested trope proves you’re a classic, just like your fic preferences. And, let’s also be real—you might be a big believer in fate, but that doesn’t mean you like where the stars are pushing you. (You might eventually, though, if we’re taking cues from your taste in romcoms and AO3 bookmarks.)

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