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Designer Nalgene too steep? Why not D.I.Y. yours

Gone are the days of the metal straw debate proudly backed by eco-conscious folks, which, BTW, was also slammed as the product was linked to the mining industry. But if you vibe with the slow and mindful lifestyle, you might already have its indispensable weapon of choice: the water bottle.

And while lifestyle changes come and go, reminding ourselves to stay hydrated is hella necessary. Insulated water bottle brands continue to be hyped by internet personalities and fitness icons—but one seems to stand out: Nalgene. 

It’s pretty simple. The classic American bottle brand has its durability and BPA-free composition going for it. It’s also more budget-friendly than most brands.  This is why other brands have kept Nalgene in their own library. Take Supreme’s SS20 Nalgene, Glossier’s, Travis Scott’s Cactus Trails, Sandy Liang’s and even A24’scustomizable bottles as proof of Nalgene’s second wave popularity.


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What’s more, two local brand releases now have their own Nalgene bottle. Recess, a local athleisure line, shows its colorful type in a clear bottle, while Episodes sports a violet colored bottle consistent with its streetwear branding.

Well, what can I say? It’s the sturdiness (and I guess my serious need to drink more water) for me. With some D.I.Y. energy here and there, getting a cheaper but more personal bottle isn’t so difficult, amirite?

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