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Jobseekers, this company is looking for a Pokémon Consultant

Jobseekers, this company is looking for a Pokémon Consultant

Looking for a job? Want to put your encyclopedic “Pokémon” knowledge to use and prove to your mom that it isn’t just a waste of time, thank you very much? Well, here’s a job listing for you—a  company is on the lookout for a “Pokémon Consultant.”

Posted by Chinese technology conglomerate Tencent, this IRL Pokémon trainer position has a hefty list of requirements, but it’s pretty easy for the stan-iest of stans. According to the job posting, applicants must be familiar with the worldview and history of “Pokémon,” cleared all of the mainline games with at least 900 hours of accumulated playtime, reached the Master Ball tier in “Pokémon Sword” and “Shield” (the highest achievable rank in the games’ Battle Tower, BTW), and watched more than 500 episodes of various “Pokémon” anime.

Those who get hired will be responsible for assessing the core gameplay, characters, systems, and the art of upcoming games to “faithfully restore the ‘Pokémon worldview.”

Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad speculates that this job, among 18 other “Pokémon”-related postings, could be connected to “Pokémon Unite,” a five vs. five mobile and Nintendo Switch strategy battle game currently being developed by Tencent.

However, here’s the catch: The job posting was recently removed from the site. Whether it’s because of the avalanche of applications or because they’ve already hired the lucky stan, we’re still crossing our fingers for another opening. (Please?)

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