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This AI app boosts your focus according to Grimes


Hello scatterbrains, here’s some good news for you. We know how hard you grind these days, so listen: There’s now an AI app that boosts your focus, approved by Miss Anthropocene herself. 

Synth-pop star Grimes collaborated with AI app Endel to give you AI Lullaby. Sure to boost your focus using algorithm-powered mechanisms, AI Lullaby was created from Grimes’ exclusive vocals and music, resulting in an ambient soundscape filled with good and serene vibes perfect for studying or sleeping in.

“I have intense insomnia so I started using Endel to sleep. But also to trip out and relax my baby,” says Grimes in Endel’s Instagram post. If you wanna chill out like Baby X Æ A-XII and Mommy Grimes, you can download the app and play music that automatically adapts to your heart rate and the weather, thanks to advanced artificial intelligence.

Awarded the 2020 Apple Watch App of the Year Award, Endel caters to its users’ focus based on personalized sounds that work harder to provide calm than your usual white noise app (or machine). Best for stress reduction, relaxation, productivity boost and soothing rest.  You do not want to sleep on Endel; use it to sleep, instead.

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