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2021’s going great for the weebs with all these new anime drops


TW: Some of these shows contain violence, blood, suicide and death. 


Remember when everyone was saying, “yeah, uh, let’s not get our expectations high this 2021?” Yeah, fuck that, because January’s looking great for us weebs already. 

While we got tons of shows to watch last year, a lot of them were delayed, understandably because of the pandemic. But it seems like the anime gods heard us ’cause it’s raining season seasons of these anime faves.



The gritty furry anime that fucked with our “Zootopia” expectations is back, picking up the plot with Legoshi’s constant battle with his instincts. Hopefully it’ll answer those questions from the first season ’cause that was a wild ride. 


“Cells at Work” 

Another anthropomorphic anime that got you gushing over cute little platelet kids and simping over personified cells in combat is also coming back this month. The hardworking Red Blood Cell AE3803 and ruthless White Blood Cell U-1146 are still at it, keeping the body healthy and safe from personified germs and bacteria.

Also dropping this month is its spin-off “Cells at Work! Code Black,” which has a darker take, with genderbent versions of the original anime’s protagonists and the rest of the overworked cells struggling to keep an unhealthy body going. 


“The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” 

Also dubbed “Slime Isekai” (with “isekai” being the anime version of an alternate universe), this anime picks up on the adventures of an office worker who gets killed and eventually reincarnated as a goop of slime. Based on the trailer, it’s bound to be very different from the first season.


“The Promised Neverland”

After the main trio discovers the truth behind the Grace Field House, they flee—along with every other kid over the age of six, but are now left to fend for themselves. Exhausted, traumatized and, to some extent, almost driven to suicide, the kids face the harsh reality of the world no better than the orphanage.


“Dr. Stone”

After waking up from years of being petrified into stone, mad scientist Senkuu and his brawny friend Taiju try to revive civilization through science. Much of the first season focused on Senkuu and Taiju’s exaggerated (but actually accurate) use of science to create mundane things like soap and wine, while the new season will dive deeper into the opposing village.


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Stills from “Cells at Work,” “Beastars” and “The Promised Neverland”



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