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‘The Sims’’ next expansion pack is… IRL makeup

‘The Sims’’ next expansion pack is… IRL makeup

As a Simmer, I, too, know that “The Sims” experience isn’t just in the gameplay, but in the long, long hours of customization. And for those in the same boat (read: people with GBs worth of custom content), the game’s creators recreated the experience IRL with an official “Sims”-themed eyeshadow palette—but it may look a little too sus.

With the help of Mac Cosmetics, Electronic Arts—the folks behind “The Sims”’ franchise—recently unveiled the Sims Eye Shadow X9, a shimmering smokey eye palette featuring nine shades of brown. It comes with a price tag of $32, which is approximately P1,539.


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Not all are raving over “Sims’” latest IRL shtick, though. Some have called out the uninspired branding, seeing as there aren’t any game references in the product. Others have pointed out its neutral tones, which seem to contradict the game’s otherwise colorful palette.

The most controversial issue, however, is that the palette looks eerily similar to a previous Mac eyeshadow product called Solar Glow X9. The verdict? Yep, it’s the same one—Mac actually confessed to it.


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“Given the broad, diverse community of ‘Sims’ fans, we wanted the shades and textures in the collection to appeal to everyone—whether they are makeup beginners or artistry gurus. Therefore, we went back to the vaults and picked a universal fan-favorite palette with some of our bestselling shades that easily allow you to go from natural to glam in one swipe,” Mac said in an official statement.

“This versatile, special deco collector’s item is just one aspect of the Sims x Mac collaboration for fans to create a fun, interactive experience. Other trend-driven, bold looks come into play when our fans and artists bring other Mac products into the mix to create exciting expressions of Sims beauty.”

Still, the Sims Eye Shadow X9 is currently sold out, so you probably saved some of your non-motherlode-able savings. But if you really want to recreate the experience, Solar Glow X9 is still available in some stores—just slap a “Sims” logo on the cover and you’re good to go.

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