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These artists and creatives share their 2020 in film and we’re obsessed


Did you see 2020 coming to an end as a happy sigh? Or the signal of a blank slate? Another set of 365 days to make memories? 


For these artists and creatives, film photography seems to be the more powerful weapon of choice to stay sane and hopeful. Whether walking into your favorite coffee shop with friends or just staying in your bedroom and sulking to your favorite midnight jams, nothing better encapsulates the idea of capturing memories than taking selfies or photos of whatever sustains your cheer.


And what better way to keep special moments with your ride-or-dies than going old-school all the way. Truly, film is not dead. It’s very much alive and thriving even as the many challenges of the past year continue to haunt us this 2021. After all, it’s not too bad to reminisce over last year as a unique time with equally unique memories.


I talked to some young artists and creatives and they gladly shared some 2020 moments in film that send a little reminder to live in the moment and take a shot, if you may.


Alexa Ilacad (@alexailacad)


“Four Sisters Before The Wedding ?”




“Gab Lagman & I treating ourselves to some pancit canton as our cheat meal after a long day of taping for our new teleserye, “Init Sa Magdamag” 


Ennuh Tiu (@ennuhchew)

Ennuh Tiu film photography

“Internet friends turned real life friends.”

Ennuh Tiu film photography

“Post-swab Halloween hangout.”

Ennuh Tiu film photography

“Friends who consoled me after my best friend passed.”


Sela Gonzales (@selagonzales)

Sela Gonzales film photography

Sela Gonzales film photography

Sela Gonzales film photography

“2020 was about losing myself, the person I thought I was. And finally finding who I am, just being and just passing through.  Living in the now, being calm as the deer and brave as the lion.”


Bianca Valencia (@bjdvalencia)

Bianca Valencia film photography

“There is something special about car rides in the morning while music plays softly on the radio and you’re with someone close to your heart. These are moments where I can find peace that is good for the soul.” 

Bianca Valencia film photography

“Last year made it impossible for us to see each other. At times like this, it’s inevitable to lose people you once trusted. She has always been there for me, despite the distance we’ll always be close.”

Bianca Valencia film photography

“Everyone welcomed 2020 with open arms, hoping it would be the start of a great decade. I was looking forward to this trip, planning to make new memories that I could cherish without knowing what would happen next. I was still fortunate to be able to travel before lockdown.”

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