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So It’s Gonna Be A While Before You Hear Another Drake/Rihanna Collab

So It’s Gonna Be A While Before You Hear Another Drake/Rihanna Collab

You’ve all heard by now, for sure, that hip-hop/R&B power couple Jay Z and Beyonce lite Drake and Rihanna have already split up because of “busy schedules.” We’re not sure whether to believe that, or what to believe, considering Drake is already seemingly being petty as fuck by dating someone RiRi doesn’t really approve of.

What does this mean, however, for the musical side of things? If you were a fan of this year’s Drake x Rihanna bangers “Work” and “Too Good,” then you might have to wait for the next classic joint from the pair.


A quick perusal of their respective discographies reveal that despite their association with one another, it actually takes Drizzy and RiRi a while to release songs together. Their first collab, 2010’s “What’s My Name,” was followed two years later by Drake’s “Take Care.” That would be their last duet for four years until Rihanna put out “Work” and Drake shortly put out “Too Good” on his latest album Views. We checked, and neither of them hid any collabs as deep album cuts—and there would be no reason to do that, because it is and should always be an instant single whenever they do a song together.

If you really, really ship them (and we gotta admit, their songs together are pretty fuego, usually better than Drake x Nicki), then this news is probably gonna make you sad; it’s either you’re gonna wait more than five years or they have to make up and forget all about this right quick. If you’re sick and tired of work work work work work, though, then this probably comes as good news to you.

In the meantime, we put together a quick playlist of their good times, plus some extra sauce:

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