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This Chrome add-on can automatically change deadnames

This Chrome add-on can automatically change deadnames

Online school’s tough, but trans kids face another battle along with it. With several forms and web pages, a deadname (a.k.a. the name a trans person was given at birth) is something they have to constantly face. But thanks to information technology,  there’s now an add-on to change that: a lil’ something called the “Deadname Remover.”

Made by developer William Hayward, the Google Chrome extension automatically removes and replaces deadnames in any webpage when viewed via the desktop browser. Once it’s set and ready, the plug-in will redirect users to the settings where they can fill out their full details. 

Trans kids, this Chrome plug-in replaces deadnames in any site 2

However, the change is only seen by the user. They can always toggle it off by clicking the trans flag icon.

Check out and download the extension from the Chrome Web Store. If Chrome’s not right up your alley, there’s also a version for Firefox. Happy schooling, trans kids.

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