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This VR game lets you cook Ichiran ramen like a pro

This VR game lets you cook Ichiran ramen like a pro

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a while since I’ve had a bowl of good ol’ ramen. For those in the same boat and those who have an unfulfilled fantasy of becoming a sought-after ramen chef, there’s now a VR game for you.

Japanese restaurant chain Ichiran recently unveiled its very own VR game dubbed “Counter Fight Ichiran.” Like the ramen-making apps we’ve downloaded at one point, “Counter Fight Ichiran” lets players serve up the best bowl of ramen, complete with customizable recipes according to noodle and broth types. 

Just like IRL Ichiran, the game captures the isolated ambiance cultivated by this restaurant chain, with its cubicle-style setup and bamboo screen partitions. 

Unfortunately, however, “Counter Fight Ichiran” isn’t the “Counter-Strike” spin-off chefs have fantasized about. The VR game doesn’t involve any battle between players, but with a ticking clock instead. Players are given 15 seconds to complete an order, just like chefs do in the actual Ichiran restaurant.

“Counter Fight Ichiran” is now available on Oculus’ site for $15 (approximately P720). Check out the sneak peek below.

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Still from “Counter Fight Ichiran”


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