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This Year’s Wonderfruit Festival In Photos

I’ve been to a number of local music festivals and yes, they were fun. It just sucks that the festivals I’ve been to only lasted for one day. For the longest time, I’ve really wondered how music festivals in other parts of the world are like.

I found out at this year’s Wonderfruit Festival last February, where I flew to Pattaya, Thailand (my first out of the country trip too!) to attend.  The festival ran for four sweet, sunny days, from February 16 to February 19.

What I gathered from my experience was this: no two music festivals are really alike.  Large, beautiful events like music festivals give you a different experience every single time. Though I must say, I’ve only seen the most outrageous outfits I could ever see in Wonderfruit. Outrageous, but beautiful. People from all places were there, and the only language you need was your face. Just smile, since you’re probably not going to understand each other anyway.

The food was just delightful, but a bit too spicy for my taste. I was literally crying as I drank a glass of caramel milk. It’s also funny to camp around the festival grounds;  I walked around the festival grounds in the morning and I saw random people sleeping in random places they’re not really suppose to sleep at.  And I wake up to the sound of a DJ spinning at freakin’ seven in the morning.

Music was the bomb: Acts like Young Fathers, Rudimental, Lianne La Havas, and even our very own Lustbass and Jess Connelly performed.

Let these photos at the gallery above convince you on going to music festivals around the globe, or at least try something new.



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