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BrightWin’s next stop (after our messed up hearts): Netflix

BrightWin’s next stop (after our messed up hearts): Netflix

SarawaTine fans, the Netflix gods are riding the ship with us. As if it didn’t invade our lives enough, Thai YouTube blockbuster “2gether The Series” is heading to Netflix.

If you go to Netflix and type “2gether The Series,” you’ll find out that the show is set to drop on the streaming site soon—July 30 kind of soon. Adapted from JittiRain’s novel, “2gether” tells the story of college students Tine (Win Metawin) and Sarawat (Bright Vachirawit) who team up for a fake relationship, just to steer clear of Tine’s (too) persistent admirer.

In the first half of 2020, Bright and Win messed our emotions up all too well not just in the series but also in their fan meet and media con. While there’s still no chance of seeing BrightWin IRL (‘cause Miss ‘Rona isn’t wrapping up anytime soon), allow us to binge the show for the 14th time on Netflix. Shoutout to Win for wanting to drop by Mayon Volcano.

Guitar pick-based bracelets might be cheesy shit, but “2gether” made it tolerable cheesy shit. Maybe we want more of that—and the fake dating plot, of course.

Still from “2gether The Series”


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