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The youth, good thread, and what’s on their mind: a fashion editorial

We round up a few everyday millennials from around the city, made them wear today’s up-and-coming youth brands, and see how the gears in their heads turn.


John San Juan, 19, Music Producer
Wearing Tomorrow (@tomorrowlabel)

“I just don’t want to immerse in all this negativity. Everyone’s so stuck in the past, but I think I am, too.”


Nicholas Uy, 24, Football Player
Wearing Medisina Clothing (@medisinaclothing)

“Change isn’t going to start from the government, but from the people. But you know how people are… they’ll look out for their own welfare first before others’.”


Bea Te, 22, Dancer
Wearing WSH (@wsh_13)

“I think [the Philippines is] starting to let go of our notion of what hip-hop is supposed to be, and appreciate what our local hip-hop artists are putting out.”


Nika Dizon, 22, Artist
Wearing Girl In Transit (@girlintransit_)

“Celebrating body positivity and self-love isn’t an open invitation to harmful or inappropriate comments. It’s not like people express or celebrate their sexuality for other people anyway.”


Assi Abogado, 17, Student
Wearing Wednesday (@notwithstandingus)

“It’s a matter of perspective whether the future will be good or bad, but I think it will be bright as long as we fight for nothing but the truth, and to seek love and beauty.”


Savannah Ramos, 23, Creative Director
Wearing Progress (@progressph)

“We’re too focused on images now. Even if you don’t enjoy a party, you want to be seen in photos having fun with friends you’re not even close with.”


Photography by Artu Nepomuceno, styling by Grace de Luna, makeup by Nicole Ceballos (for John, Nicholas, and Nika) and Pam Robes (for Savannah, Bea, and Assi). Photographer assisted by Ignacio Gador, stylist assisted by Ivan Cocjin and Lex Celera



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