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Watch the Jaegers save Australia in the ‘Pacific Rim’ anime, soon on Netflix


Buckle up your Jaegers, “Pacific Rim: The Black” series is coming to Netflix on Mar. 4. The streaming platform just dropped its first trailer on the new series and this time, it’s about to get a bit more interesting: the show’s going to be an anime produced by Legendary Entertainment and made by Polygon Pictures no less.

In “Pacific Rim,” Jaegers or mobile exoskeleton weapons manned by humans fight against huge monsters called Kaiju in the distant future. This epic comeback of the mecha vs. monsters genre, in anime-form, is sci-fi action inspired by shows like “Godzilla,” “Mazinger Z” and “Gundam.”

We don’t exactly know what to expect yet, but the seamless animation of the trailer shows a teenage boy with his sister gearing up and saying “initiate the drift” to power an abandoned jaeger. News breaks that the Kaiju are conquering major cities in the world. No help is expected so humans must salvage themselves. 

Meanwhile, the two protagonists must survive and find their parents. Who wins? Who survives? We’re just as curious as you are. You can watch the trailer below.


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Photo from ‘Pacific Rim: The Black’ trailer



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