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This 5-foot long Meowth plushie is the only Valentine I need, TBH

This 5-foot long Meowth plushie is the only Valentine I need, TBH

In today’s episode of “Unnecessary Pokémon Merch That I’ll Probably Get,” we have Team Rocket’s very own Meowth. But in five-foot long, Gigantamax glory.

The Pokémon Center officially unveiled the character in its jumbo, Gigantamax form, straight from its powered-up version in “Pokémon Sword and Shield.” The plush is one of the largest pieces sold in the center, as it’s 65 inches in length, making it a 1:20-scale version of its video game counterpart. 

This 5-foot long Meowth plushie will have a better V-day than you 2

It’s really long.

The proud owners of this needlessly long plushie can prop it up to stand, highlighting its five-foot stature. Made from polyester and other soft materials, its so-called dangerous smile will keep your nightmares at bay. (Or fuel them, either works.)

However, here’s the catch—The Gigantamax Meowth plush’s cost might be as hefty as the product. It comes with a price tag of $299.99, which is approximately P14,406. If that’s a price you can pay for the Pokémon-themed cuddle sessions you deserve, then wait till the Pokémon Center restocks at its site.

On the other hand, we’ll always have Gengar’s mouth that doubles as a sleeping pad.

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Photo from Pokémon Center



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