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How have we survived this plague era? Peep Jappy Agoncillo’s latest work

If Scout had an advice column, you’d probably come across these replies: It’s okay to figure things out, outgrow your childhood dreams and, most of all, change your mind.

We’d imagine visual artist Jappy Agoncillo from years back reading this, especially when he caught the same curveball. Originally set to become a lawyer, Jappy’s sudden veer towards art wasn’t easy. Like any coming-of-age arc, it probably surprised him as much as his peers did. But it did pave the way for Self-Actualization—especially when he pursued street art. 

“[The most common misconception about street art] is that it’s a nuisance to society, that the artists’ only goal is to make a mess—when in reality so many street artists’ aim is the opposite; to take back public space for the people, to create art for all to consume, to turn your average often-overlooked street corner into a work of art, to tell a story, to send a message,” Jappy says. Fans of his work have witnessed him evolve, both as an artist and an advocate of the field.

Through the years, the city’s outskirts (from walls to buildings) have become Jappy’s portfolio. Splashed with vibrant colors, hypnotic details, and iconic pop culture characters, everything he illustrates scores a hella brand new life. Just when we thought we’d seen the last of it, we got another glimpse of his headspace: his newest collaboration with OPPO.

LOOK Jappy Agoncillo immortalized our quarantine hobbies in this kit 2

Channeling his signature fusion of imaginative elements, Jappy designed the special kit for the newest OPPO Reno5. Calling dibs on the phone means getting hold of Jappy’s art—from the kit’s actual coating to the comfortable freebie tees. 

“The collaboration was really about putting together things that allowed Filipinos to stay connected and bond over similar interests especially over the course of the past year,” he says. Now that overstaying outdoors still isn’t ideal, Jappy decided to cobble together a couple of things that have kept us sane at home. 

LOOK Jappy Agoncillo immortalized our quarantine hobbies in this kit 1

We spy: Our plant parent era, endless Zoom calls and noisy livestreams, among others. Of course there are masks and bike rides too, which validate our quarantine hobby-hopping. Nostalgia is also known to have taken over our lockdown life. So, that might be the reason why we peep the popular iskrambol here as well. 

It still has the same bright colors, hypnotic details and familiar characters we see on Jappy’s street art. But this time, it’s perfectly crowded and thoroughly intimate—an ode to how we all tried to get together since last year.

LOOK Jappy Agoncillo immortalized our quarantine hobbies in this kit 3

The OPPO Reno5 itself is fixated on the same goal. And if you’re curious, its features actually show it: First, the AI Highlight Video (a.k.a. An Ultra Night Video and Live HDR combination) that automatically adjusts your photo settings. Second, it has an FDF Portrait Video System, which includes the Portrait Perception Engine to let users shoot in their style. 

Third, it has a Scene Design Manager that analyzes different scenarios to give the user HQ snaps and images wherever, and a Portrait Recognition that instantly recognizes the subject, and separates them from the background. Lastly, there are tons more interesting features we want you to try out yourself. 

All these make it possible to document our adventures—whether it’s just a trip to the kitchen or a stroll around your living room—even better despite the hellhole we’re in. I mean, if we’re all ending up in a history book, might as well get that perfect shot, right? 

The new OPPO Reno5 4G and 5G are now available for pre-order. For more information, head to its  official website and Facebook page. 

Header art by Yel Sayo

Photos courtesy of OPPO


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