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This dating sim lets you find the rat of your dreams


Listen, it’s the month of love. If y’all feel like filling the void of single life with dating sims, we feel you. Might we interest you in some pretty niche content, though? We’ve got printers, horses, poetry-writing school girls and Colonel Sanders himself; now get ready for cheesy rats trying to woo you.

Think of indie game The Ratchelor as something like Rat Tinder. You are a “hot single rat” choosing among seven suitors from photos and catchphrases of 21 different rodents, some of whom have very interesting backgrounds: an artist hung up on their one trip to France, a rich lady who’s not here to make friends, a rat with a doctorate on plagues, a half-robot lab rat and one suspiciously named “ARealRat.” 

In each round, you talk to the suitors and pick a response, which will get varying reactions from them. After that, you have to give roses to the suitors you’ll keep on the show until only one remains. You get to propose to your soulmate and witness a finishing cutscene, where they’ll either profess their undying love for you, divulge a secret or reveal their final form.

There’s also a neat epilogue too, where you can see what the rest of the rejected cast are up to since appearing on The Ratchelor. Some of them go on to achieve their dreams, and some even find love in each other.

The Ratchelor is free and can be played online with a computer. Since the release on Valentine’s Day, over 1,800 happy Ratchelors got engaged in-game.

Find your cheesy, furry soulmate here.


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