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Baptize your community quarantine with this weird generator


Nowadays, the news feels like a Mad Libs-slash-thesaurus word vomit sesh. (Look, we even made a meme about it!) Amid the NCR Plus’s, Soft MECQs and Circuit Breakers of the Philippines, one developer has summed up our bizarro lockdown names through the only way the internet knows how—a random name generator.

Created by web developer Raims Cabrera, Philippine Quarantine Name Generator is exactly what it sounds like. Once you press the black button on the page, the site generates a weird-ass name to baptize your city’s next quarantine. Picks include “Basta Boosted Community Quarantine 2: Electric Boogaloo” (that’s mine), “Sheer Augmented Community Quarantine” and “Absolute Raw Community Quarantine.”

A screenshot of the Philippine Quarantine Name Generator, which says "super duper dirty community quarantine" A screenshot of the Philippine Quarantine Name Generator, which says "medyo general community quarantine"

Raims created the site last year during the early days of the CQ saga. The new names, however, are part of the generator’s updated version to mark the Philippine quarantine’s first birthday. According to the developer, some of these terms were also inspired by tweets from rapper BLKD, with the project an idea from Discord community Tambayan404.

Back in the real world, NCR Plus is currently under the General Community Quarantine bubble until Apr. 4. For a name change, might we suggest “Supreme Increased Community Quarantine”?

What’s your weird quarantine name? Tweet us the results at @scoutmagph.

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Screenshot from Philippine Quarantine Name Generator



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